August 29, 2014: After Month Eight was time to "rotate"!

Persons with T1D know that insulin injections are hard on the skin and muscle tissues.  That's why they're taught to "rotate" their injection sites.

At the end of last month, I figured it was about time I rotated my stitching, too -- at least the stitching that represents those insulin injections.  So...I moved from the upper arms to the abdomen/buttocks. (Remember, this is a two-dimensional piece, so that area on this body form serves for both.)

This part of the quilt is very large, and I felt I couldn't keep it from puckering -- hence the introduction of a hoop into the process.

As I stitched, I remembered how my DH used to floor me when he injected his hind end.  He was amazingly flexible, and could turn his body in such a way as to do it with apparent ease, twisted like a pretzel!

Stitching continues on the other areas too...

Soon all fingers will be filled

See the blue? Ah...the days before diagnosis...


The number of days between the start of this project
and today.

The number of days between this

August 9, 1975

and this

August 9, 2006

marks on the body
marks on a memory
marks on a life