All Over the Place

With only a little over 4 months' stitching to do, I've started moving my stitching around a bit -- especially the "injection" stitches -- because I seem to be running out of suitable "sites".  

The hands are filling up, for sure.
Trying not to let one hand get filled more than the other,
I tend to move back and forth between them every
other needle-full of thread.

Right now, I'm stitching on the right hand.

Then there's the "pre-diagnosis" stitching
in the "air" around the body.
I have a needle threaded on each side
and alternate sides from day to day.

This is looking over the right shoulder.

It's really hard to photograph this!

As for the abdomen...there, I'm stitching all over the place.

The stitching seems to emulate the course of T1D, which makes its Mark on the Body in different ways, at different times, and with different effects -- permanent or not -- on different people.

Thanks again to those of you reading this page on a regular basis -- and welcome to those of you who are new visitors.

Thanks especially to the three volunteer knitters who are helping me with MOB III.  My own first contribution to that project is nearing the finish line -- there'll be a photo next month.

Blessings, all; I very much appreciate you!