October 29, 2014 - Spreading

The 'spread' of the stitches is even more evident this month...marking 11 months of stitching.

The Abdomen: Spreading Toward the Centre of the Belly

Left Hand -- Spreading Over the Fingers

Pre-diagnosis -- Spreading Ever So Slightly

The impact of the disease -- its Mark on the Body -- compared to the "impact" of days pre-diagnosis -- is really beginning to become obvious....

To love is to suffer -- did I
know this when first
I asked you for your love?
I did not.  And yet until
I knew, I could not know what
I asked, or gave.  I gave
a suffering that I took: yours
and mine, mine when yours;
and yours I have feared most.
                                 - Duality, Section I - Wendell Berry*

*"Entries" - 1994 - from New and Collected Poems, Counterpoint Press 2012.

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