Today is the First Anniversary of my Mark on the Body project, which means that yesterday was my 365th day of stitching.  Here's how the piece looks, 1 year in:

Left Hand

Right Hand
Stitches representing blood testing - 6,205

Left Shoulder
Right Shoulder


Stitches representing insulin injections - 8,760

Before T1D - Left

Before T1D - Right

Stitches representing days before T1D diagnosis - 1,095

More than the numbers
Type 1 Diabetes leaves its mark
on the body
on the mind
on the family
on life.

National Diabetes Awareness Month 2014
finishes tomorrow.

The impact of T1D marches on.

In loving memory

Howard Martin Blank
Friend, husband, father
Born November 29, 1952 
RIP  August 9, 2006

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