November 29-2015: Two Years On

When I started this project two years ago, I wasn't certain I could carry it on for the intended duration (through Aug. 9, 2016 for the stitching, then to the end of 2016 for finishing and starting to try for exhibit opportunities).

But...with the support and encouragement of family and friends -- especially those in my SAQA cyber-support system -- I'm still here, still stitching.

Nov. 29-2015 - Right hand

Nov. 29-2015 - Left hand

Nov. 29-2015 - Left upper arm

Nov. 29-2015 - Abdomen, hips

Not only that, but I've been able to give voice to a participatory second section of this project: Mark On the Body II (or MOB II): Making My Mark...and have received, to date, a dozen completed contributions...with another dozen or so out there to be finished.

Some of the MOB II: Making My Mark contributions

I have a third portion of the project in mind -- for the knitters among you, Gentle Readers.  

When my DH was alive, I knit him 2 pair of stump socks.  Yes: stump socks.  He'd lost both legs below the knee, and when not wearing his artificial limbs, had a need for soft, comfortable socks to wear over his stumps.  I didn't know then (2006, just a few months before he died) that there were patterns out there for them, so I made my own, based on his legs. I used a cotton blend yarn that had a bit of stretch to it, and softened beautifully when washed.  I still have some of that yarn.

But I'm not suggesting that participants in MOB III make stumps socks for living people.  I no longer have the pattern I made -- I think I threw it out after giving away the socks when DH died -- but I've found a couple free online that would work.

My hope for MOB III would be this: to knit up (with or without help) a series of socks -- perhaps 9 or 12 -- stuff them appropriately so that their purpose would be obvious, and hang them in rows as part of this entire installation.  Aside from "MOB III" an appropriate working title has yet to occur to me, but it will come in time.

If any of you are interested in making a contribution to either MOB II or MOB III, I would gladly appreciate it!  For MOB II, I have materials and instructions I'd send you.  For MOB III, I would do the same, as far as I have yarn.  Your only cost would be a little time and the return postage.  If you're game, send me a private e-mail.

In just over 8 months, this entire project will be closed, and the finishing/assembly process will begin.

Who'd-a-thunk it?

Thanks again to any and all of you for your kindness, and your support!

And thanks to the dear man who was and remains my inspiration for this work...

Howard Martin Blank
November 29, 1952 - August 9, 2006

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