December 29-2015: Still Searching

For a cure.  

That said, on the T1D treatment front, the news is encouraging.  Clinical trials are beginning in Edmonton on the use of stem cells implanted in the patient to create Islet cells (insulin-producing cells).

It's not a cure -- assuming no complications, the packet of stem cells has to be replaced every 24 months -- but it certainly reduces the Mark on the Body.

Dec. 29-2015 - hand detail

Dec. 29-2015 - shoulder detail
Blue stitches = days before HMB's diagnosis, aged 7

Dec. 29-2015 - thigh detail

For more participants in MOB II: Making My Mark.

Between now and June 30, 2016 I'd like to collect  100 small quilt sandwiches, stitched by those whose lives have been impacted by Type 1 Diabetes.  To date, I've sent out 20 kits, and received in return 14 completed squares.

Early returns to MOB II: Making My Mark

If you are interested in participating -- I supply the squares, the embroidery floss, labels and instructions; you stitch up a square and mail it back to me (your only cost is time and postage) -- contact me by e-mail: margblank AT xplornet DOT ca.  Make your mark to honour a loved one or to identify yourself as someone living with the dailiness of T1D...and the need not only for better treatment, but for prevention and a cure!

In January I will begin MOB III: Sock It to T1D!

For help with a few stump socks.  I mentioned this in last month's post (scroll down)...for the knitters among you.  Again, I would supply a pattern and supply time and return postage.  I need only 9 of these, and start my first one in January...stay tuned to this page for photos...

Meanwhile, thank you again for reading, for supporting this blog and this effort to express the impact of Type 1 Diabetes.

Blessings to you and yours for a healthy, happy and creative New Year!

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