January 29-2016: I'm Late! I'm Late!

With apologies to Disney and Lewis Carroll...

January got away on me -- but the stitching got done, daily -- or almost daily.  Just the posting went AWOL for a couple of days.  At last, photos from January 29, marking another month's passing, and moving me ever closer to the end of this project.

Mark on the Body - Full length
Just over 6 months' stitching remain.

Mid-body close-up, with hands

In that time, I'll be pondering the background, the edge-finishing...and getting advice on how to mount the lot.

Shoulder detail 

Yet to be cast on: the first stump sock -- MOB III.  That will come this month; I promise.

Meanwhile, I've had a couple more MOB II squares returned.  Thank you, stitching friends, for supporting this work.

Adieu...till "Leap Day".  :-)

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  1. I admire your determination. This is really beautiful and more so because of the meaning behind it.