August 9 - 2016: Anniversary

Once again, it is time.

The last stitch mark on the piece, MOB I, was made this morning...the journey that began in November 2013 is concluded.


Left Hand

Left Shoulder

Left thigh

Right Hand

Right Shoulder

Right Thigh

Working now towards assembling this piece for hanging, I will be shadow quilting a bit around the exterior of the body shape, trimming the piece and bordering it with navy panels so it can be seen more easily -- and from both sides.

I have one stump sock left to knit for MOB III; the other eight are in place thanks to help from Ann, Bev, Lia, Sharon and Shalaya.

I continue to collect squares for those who are "making their marks" for MOB II.  As mentioned in earlier posts, this is the ongoing portion of this entire project, and kits are available for any who wish to participate.  Simply contact me by e-mail, and I will send you one!

I remain ever grateful for those who follow this wee blog and who've expressed their support and encouragement over the past 32 months...and continue to do so.  Next posts here will be more of process, leading up to the debut of this installation in October.  I hope you'll continue the journey with me; stay tuned!

My Silent Partners...

And today remembering the man who inspired all this -- on the forty-first anniversary of our marriage, and the tenth anniversary of his death...

Me and my Howard
Engagement Photo
Summer, 1975

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