October 29-2016: More from the Opening Reception

Thanks to my daughter, Gina, who took a few photos using my camera, here are a few more shots from the MOB Opening Reception:

Stump Sock Line-up

Signing more books

Meeting the Press

There was a surreal moment at The Shop on Thursday morning when I heard the story on "Sunny 94" out of Lacombe at 9:00 a.m...and a lovely time when a woman on a scooter (she has trouble walking) came in later that day asking for 'stretchy yarn' to make a pair of stump socks for her friend...having seen the exhibit, which gave her the idea...

The response has been fantastic...and I was so gratified to be able to send these to JDRF Canada and the Canadian Diabetes Association yesterday...

I've just checked Blurb.com, only to find a few more books have sold...so soon there will be more funds to send them.

And...another MOB II square arrived yesterday, soon to be added to the others!

I am so very thankful to everyone who has made this such a success, and I hope there'll be more to report before the exhibit comes down in mid-November.

Tuesday is All Saints Day...I know I've met several in the past three years, as this work has come to fruition.  God bless you, each and every one!

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