October 10 - Preparing for an Installation III

Ten days.  That's all that remain until Mark on the Body is hung in the second floor open gallery space at the Lacombe Memorial Centre.

Ten days.  I can hardly believe it.

And yes, it's ready to go.

The MOB III stump socks have been stuffed.

The MOB II squares -- 27 and counting -- have been assembled into a mobile. (Below is a sample; we're going to spread them out a bit at the actual exhibit so they'll be more visible.)

MOB II: Making My Mark

And MOB I is now complete.  Here it's hanging in the only spot available in my house to show it in its entirety -- over my bed:

That's definitely a better view than I gave you in my last post, eh?

Posters have been sent to and put up by various friends and neighbours -- in the local post office, churches, store fronts, pharmacies, libraries, quilt shops and doctors' offices.  Postcard invitations have been sent to "my" galleries, friends, family members, JDRF and CDA offices and at least two researchers at the University of Alberta, where some of the finest research into the origin, treatment and cure of T1D is happening.

My speech for the Opening Reception has been written. (I'm used to public speaking but need prayers I won't collapse over that one, okay?)

Meet the Press...

Publicity is beginning, too.

There's been at least one radio 'spot', and the newsprint is starting.  First up was the publication of the poster image in The Chautauqua, a locally-produced newspaper that serves all the mall communities in these parts.  A free publication, it's paid for by advertisers and donors...and has a fairly wide reach.

From The Chatauqua Oct. 7-2016 edition

And now there's been an online tribute...from a friend who lives so far from here that she won't be at the debut...my Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) and long-time cyber-friend, Linda Miller.  To read her beautiful post about this project, please click HERE...and then read her other posts and take in her fine artwork. You won't be disappointed.

Thank you, Linda.  Thank you, all my SAQA friends and colleagues who've contributed your time, your stitching, your encouragement and your dollars.  Thank you Lori, and Anna, and Gwendy, and Andrea, and Shawna and Shirley at The Shop.  Thank you Terry and Laura at the libraries.  Thank you Karla at the Post Office.  Thank you Caroline at Homespun Seasons and that other gal, the one who owns Wildflower Creations.  Thank you Deb and Denise and Andrea and Gracie at "my" galleries.  Thank you Lee at St. Cyprian's, Lacombe.  Thank you, Beth at The Chautauqua.  Thank you to all who've bought books online because you can't get here to see the exhibit in person.

There are many more people I could, should, and will thank -- but you're all in the book's Acknowledgments...

See you at the Opening, eh?

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