September 29, 2016 - Preparing for an Installation II

Mainly visuals this it is coming together...

The books arrived last week and have begun to be distributed -- first to two of the area libraries (Mirror and Bashaw)...and in the next few days to two more (Alix and Stettler).  Nine have been sold online and another by mail order directly from me.  And one has been 'drilled' so that it can be attached to the podium for the duration of the installation.

Meanwhile in the 'sewdio'... MOB I is finished.  Here it is on my design wall.  Trust me, it'll look better hanging from the ceiling and viewed on both sides!  :-)

MOB I on the design wall

And here is a close-up of the "syringe fringe" -- twenty insulin syringes donated by a friend who now uses an 'insulin pen' instead -- trimmed of their needles, and secured inside the hem through grommets to the outside.  

The "syringe fringe" close up

Yesterday, the labels for the twenty-eight MOB II squares received thus far were turned into tiny quilt 'sandwiches', in preparation for being suspended on twill tape so they can hang on a mobile:

"Sandwich" in the making

Stacks of MOB II squares.

Press releases have begun in the form of radio 'spots' (public service announcements) and soon (I hope) in print, as Maureen, my contact at the City of Lacombe, has been working hard to put these out.  The best news thus far?  Lucibelle Tan, the Fund-raising Coordinator for JDRF's Calgary Office, is including information about the Opening in their October newsletter.

Onward and upward!

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  1. Wonderful post! I'm anxious to see the finished installation and especially to hear about the response. Isn't marketing a pain? Love the syringe fringe. Susan