Day 8: A Full Week In

December 7, 2013.

The first week has passed with stitching every day.  I find myself in a modicum of awe (if awe can be experienced in small quantities) that I will be working on this piece in much the same way a year from now, and two years from now.

Judy Martin continues to inspire, with her post today about Canadian artist Paterson Ewen (1925-2002).  I'd never heard of him (a testament to my lack of formal art training), but am now enticed to explore and educate myself on his work.  I particularly like the fact that he attempted to build texture into his painting by switching from canvas to plywood as a substrate.  I think how much easier it is for us who work in textiles to create texture by layering, applique, stitch, felting, selection of materials...without the physical force required to create in his style.

Even my wee marks create texture:

8 Days of Stitch: Upper Arm and Air Above

8 Days of Stitch: Fingers

Marks to date (Nov. 29 - Dec. 6 inclusive):
  • Pre-diagnosis - Blue: 24
  • Injections - Flesh-tone: 192
  • Blood sugar tests - Red: 136

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